Website Best Practices for Lawyers

"US Supreme Court" by flickr user dbking licensed under Creative Commons

Optimize your website with

Websites are the foundation of a digital footprint. Each new marketing venture one pursues in the future will be designed to drive visitors to their website. All information regarding one’s practice should be listed here. The quality and quantity of the content will determine conversion rate. In 2011, 76% of all potential Legal Clients used online resources at some point during their lawyer selection process. With a reported 640 Million active websites on the Internet, how will you be found? has you covered!

Content on your site is a vital part. Pages such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc. need to be listed when creating a professionally designed homepage. Though they offer little helpful information for potential clients and are often ignored, they are required for legal purposes. In regards to marketing content distinguish yourself; Write a professional biography, provide information of past experience/cases, and even include details of how time is spent away from the office. People prefer to buy from people, not faceless companies, so also include a professional headshot.

Your homepage is your first impression; think of it as your store window. Keep important, eye-catching information that you would like to highlight above the fold. Provide useful links to visitors to inform them and emit preparedness. The homepage should have a phone number that is easy to find, its own Contact Us form, and several relevant photos. It’s important to make sure your site loads quickly as well. An aesthetically pleasing site will not be valuable unless it works properly. Business can be lost by poor performance, so be sure to check that it loads quickly and smoothly. Any homepage that loads in under 5 seconds would receive an A grade from us. As your legal marketing consultants, does provide highly optimized websites to our Premium Members. Let us know if you’d like some more help!